Interior Design


Brahm Interiors offers interior design as a stand‐alone service, or as part of a more involved project.


Whether you simply require additional statement pieces to enhance a room, or re‐dress a space to optimize value, Brahm is happy to advise whatever the project size.


We believe in total reassurance from initial consultation to final result, utilizing mood boards, CGI graphics and scheme layouts to ensure confidence throughout the design process.  From detailed concept planning through to  CAD drawings created in-house, Brahm is able to provide a number of technical services which other practices typically out-source.



Architectural Design & Refurbishment


Beyond the surface aesthetics of design, our interior architects can provide a fully comprehensive solution, guiding through planning, licence and reconfiguration issues.


With a commitment to ‘adding value’ upon letting, selling or simply occupying your property, our experienced team will appraise the technical aspects of your asset to increase functionality ‐ often achieving significant increases per square foot on transaction price.



Development Management


Brahm Interiors coordinates and oversees all suppliers and professional teams who contribute to achieving our design objectives, ensuring that all budgets and timescales are met from concept through to completion.



Furniture Packages & House Dressing


Brahm Basics was set up to offer busy landlords and investors a more cost effective option for furnishing rental and sales properties.  Offering total cost transparency and quick turnaround times, our furniture packages can be organized in less than 4 weeks.  Our full range includes hand-picked staple items which balance style and durability in equal measure – perfect for client’s whose project objectives dictate a lower budget.



VIP Services


Brahm Interiors provides our clients with a discreet, approachable and reliable service.


With clientele including captains of industry and high profile personalities, we are happy to provide a copy of our confidentiality agreement upon request.



Why Brahm Interiors?



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